Saqsayhuaman and Sufism

Saksaywaman, sits on the north hills of Cuzco in Peru. It has been there for about a thousand years. It has evidence that it was used as a storage facility, a water reserve, and a citadel for the Cusco town.

The way this site was put together has been researched, carbon-dated, acid-bathed, poked, prodded, RADARed and prayed on. It seems conditional to grab one thought without looking at all the other options as well when trying to determine the cause of why this site was built. The sad part is that over time, destructors of the sites have altered the course of our understanding of it. There have been isolated destructors driven on greed and there have been systematic destructors driven by eradication of evidence of any other kind of belief other than their own.

Conquistadors; every land has their own version of them.

Saksayhuaman has had its walls torn apart and repurposed into churches on the main square. The parts that are left are too much to carry, or too big to demolish. These are the parts that we were meant to see at this time in history.

Sufism also has similar history. Some folks believe it to be a peaceful sect of Islam. It has not always been that way. It has been denounced as a revisionist version of Islam and therefore not worthy to be looked at by True Believers; and even to be hated and actively resisted and deconstructed by other more Orthodox Believers. Belief has adapted as minds progressed and evolved over time. The orthodox say the word has been spoken and is has been said with such authority that it will be applied throughout time no matter what; we just need to think harder on how to apply it. Some say that the word needs to be torn apart and repurposed to aid the current times and current modes of thinking.

Both are happening right now. ¬†Some people regret that current times are pushing over the old monuments in they fear that new is bulldozing the old. But just as at Saqsayhuaman, and with the orthodox beliefs, the ones that can’t be moved won’t move until you’ve learned their lesson, unchangeably and for good


Action Jackson

Christ. I am ready to almost call it on account of no rain.

There is so much anxiety going on in the world right now; not just in North America either, this shitstorm is bleeding into all crevices of life and lifestyle.


There were huge devastating floods in South Asia. All across the south part of that continent, just bam. Floods. Death, no fires anymore because the wood is wet.

Three hurricanes to the penis and taint of the States.

Fires all over NW North America.

All the while there are amazing people: the Good News Lady that did the facebook tutorial on The 3-Second Brow and what she said about “victims”, countless people on the internet who are there for me and others in times of trouble. The Mother Marys if you will.

And you will.

What catches your attention? Is it the bad news, dearth, death and destruction or is it cool breezes and happiness? How you answer may be the first step on changing things:

Seeing bad news bears everywhere says something about what language you are speaking right now; we all speak a language we learned as kids. How we perceive verbal communication depends on our upbringing. This also applies to non-verbal things like bad news vs good news. If you see a story and wait for the death toll and quote that death toll and talk about the death toll, then you speak a language of ______. If you saw that there was an amazing rescue or people were resuscitating folks injured; you speak and understand a language of______.

I left the blank there for your interpretation. I am unable to know you as well as you know you. Only you know what you have gone through in life. You know what language you speak. If you like it, cool. If you want to change, what you put in the blanks may help.

Blaming media on “only delivering one kind of news” is how you are perceiving it. There are good news stories out there. There are super good stories. But the ability and willingness to dig and seek out the news that speaks to you determines the language you are happy with speaking.

Some folks speak different languages. 

Some folks stop at the initial headline and are okay without digging further. Some folks hear the bad news (one language) then search out the cause and discover an injustice caused the disaster (“cause” as a second language) and along the way discover more good news than bad (third language that came to them rather than them seeking it out purposely).

The over-arching thread here is love. If you love yourself, you are comfortable with whatever language you speak.

For some, the trouble starts with denial of their true language. They know that one language is “bad” but they live it and instinctually search it out but feel guilty about it, so they try desperately to speak of the “good” in everyone. They forget that what is needed, in this world, is balance. If something is shitty, call it shitty and move on with your fine self. Fuck it. Maybe there is no good to be found in a disaster. It sucked and that is what you have time for, tout corps.

The balance does not have to take work. It can be as easy as saying, “This makes me feel shitty, I’m out!”. Some folks work at it to make it better, in their opinion. And others try and try and ignore the signs of resistance that are there; that are trying to force them to go a different way. They continue to pour energy onto a situation without moving it in the direction they want it to go and they finally realise there is an imbalance when they exhaust themselves.

Cool way to look at it is, everyone speaks their truth every time. Their truth can change and if it doesn’t suit your truth, it may be a sign that you need to speak up or listen deeper.